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Brass Hex Set Screws Hex Bolts DIN 933 ISO 4017

Brass Hex Set Screws Hex Bolts DIN 933 ISO 4017
Grade Standard Material Diameter Length Surface Package Payment MOQ
3.6 (A)DIN (A)Carbon Steel m6-m30 10mm-250mm (A)zinc gunny bag/pallet T/T 1ton
4.6 1.DIN933 1.C1008 1/4''-1''' 1/2''--10'' 1.white zinc carton/pallet L/C  
4.8 2.DIN931 2.C1010     2.white and blue  bulk    
5.6 3.DIN960 3.C1020     3.yellow zinc      
5.8 4.DIN961 4.C1035     (B)plain 50kg/gunny bag    
6.8 5.DIN558 5.C1045     C) Black 20gunnybags/pallet    
8.8 6.DIN601 6.Q235     D)H.D.G      
10.9 7.DIN7990 7.Q195     (E)CR3+zinc 25kg/carton    
  (B)ISO (B)Swrch35k     (F)CR6+zinc 36cartons/pallet    
  1.ISO4014 C)45#     (G)dacromet      

Size Dia 2mm , 3mm, 4mm, 5mm ,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,etc.
Threads Metric, BSE, UNF, UNEF, UNC,BSW etc.
Finish Nickel plated, Natural, Tin plated